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Corporate Governance

Professional Standards, Ethics and Reporting

New York Community Bancorp, Inc. and its affiliate, Flagstar Bank, N.A. (collectively the "Company") are committed to high standards of professional integrity and ethical values and maintain a multi-faceted program, including written policies, to underscore these values.

Our program is built upon the expectation that people will want to invest and conduct business with an organization that values honesty and integrity as a regular part of its everyday operations, and not just because it is required to do so under applicable law. We understand that our reputation is fundamental to our success. Our program is designed to ensure that our commitment to a high level of professional and ethical conduct is clear, and that our standards for such conduct are consistently understood and applied.

Below are three of the policies that set forth our expectations regarding honesty, integrity, and professional conduct in our business dealings. All personnel are required to read and be familiar with these policies.

Committee Charters

Vendor Relations

New York Community Bancorp, Inc. and its affiliate, Flagstar Bank, N.A. (collectively the “Company”) maintain a Statement of Vendor Principles that provides guidance to our vendors regarding the standards of conduct we expect of them. The Statement of Vendor Principles is an affirmative statement that we believe acting ethically and responsibly is not only the right thing to do for the Company and its employees, but also for those with whom we conduct our business. These principles address our views regarding matters such as confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and compliance with laws and regulations.

To help ensure that the Company complies with the highest standards of financial reporting and lawful and ethical behavior, the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company established the Employee Whistleblower Complaint Policy and Procedures, which also applies to all vendors, for the reporting of illegal or unethical conduct in connection with the Company’s finances or other aspects of its operations, and the retention and treatment of such complaints, including confidential, anonymous submissions received from employees.

As a service to certain of its vendors, the Company makes available the Applicable Standards Summary, the Vendor Compliance Controls Summary, and other important vendor information. Such materials are intended to provide general information about standards for vendor compliance with consumer financial protection laws in connection with their conduct of business with us, including with respect to, among other things, certain federal and state consumer financial protection laws, rules, regulations, and other standards applicable to certain vendors in connection with material consumer-related activities in their transactions with or on behalf of the Company.

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