Company Profile

New York Community Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE: NYCB) is one of the 25 largest bank holding companies in the nation, with assets of $48.5 billion and a market cap of $6.3 billion at September 30, 2017. With deposits of $28.9 billion and 255 branches in Metro New York, New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, and Ohio, we also rank among the largest depositories in the United States.

We operate our branches through two banks with eight local divisions, reflecting our growth through seven traditional mergers and two FDIC-assisted transactions between the years 2000 and 2010. Established in 1859, New York Community Bank is a New York State-chartered savings bank with 225 branches throughout our five-state franchise; established in 2005 and also New York State-chartered, New York Commercial Bank has 30 branches--all in Metro New York.

In addition to fueling the growth of our deposit franchise, acquisitions have fueled the growth of our interest-earning assets and, in particular, our multi-family loans. We are a leading producer of multi-family loans for portfolio in New York City, with an emphasis on rent-regulated buildings that feature below-market rents. At the end of September, our portfolio totaled $27.2 billion, representing 72.4% of total held-for-investment loans.

In addition to our expertise in multi-family lending, we are known for our record of superior asset quality. Over the course of our public life, few of our non-performing assets resulted in actual losses, with net charge-offs representing a modest 0.05% of average loans during that time.

We invite you to learn more about the Company, our performance, and business model as we continue to focus on enhancing the value of our investors’ shares.