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M&A Deal Type 
Bank & Thrift Company Deals
State Industry Type Announce Date Status Deal Value ($M) Target Total
Assets ($000)
Synergy Financial Group, Inc.NJThrift5/13/2007Completed on 10/1/2007168.37966,540
PennFed Financial Services, Inc.NJThrift11/02/2006Completed on 4/2/2007261.922,334,262
Atlantic Bank of New YorkNYBank10/11/2005Completed on 4/28/2006400.002,999,920
Long Island Financial Corp.NYBank8/01/2005Completed on 12/30/200569.83539,679
Roslyn Bancorp, Inc.NYThrift6/27/2003Completed on 10/31/20031,578.5510,881,506
Richmond County Financial Corp.NYThrift3/27/2001Completed on 7/31/2001779.303,213,063
Haven Bancorp, Inc.NYThrift6/27/2000Completed on 11/30/2000186.502,965,912
Bank & Thrift Branch Deals
Industry Type Announce Date Status Number of
Branch States
Total Deposits
Transferred ($000)
11 Branches
Doral Financial Corporation
Thrift3/15/2007Completed on 7/26/200711NY370,000
Government-Assisted Deals
Target State Industry Type Date Sold Target Total
Assets ($000)
Target Assets
Sold ($000)
Target Total
Deposits ($000)
Desert Hills BankAZBank3/26/2010496,552452,000426,473
AmTrust BankOHBank12/04/200913,000,0009,200,0008,210,383
Non-Depository Transactions
Type Announce Date Status Deal Value ($M) Target Total
Assets ($000)
AmTrust Investment Services, Inc.
AmTrust Financial Corporation
Regional Broker/Dealer2/05/2010Completed on 4/26/2010NANA
Peter B. Cannell & Co. Inc.
Peter B. Cannell & Company Inc.
Asset Manager12/21/2001Completed on 1/3/2002NANA
Other Deals
Announce Date Status Deal Value ($M)
Deposits of Aurora Bank FSB
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
3/30/2012Completed on 6/28/2012NA