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Shareholder Services
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Publicly traded companies have two kinds of shareholders. If you are a Beneficial Shareholder, your shares are held in an account maintained on your behalf by a bank or brokerage firm. If you are a Registered Shareholder, you hold shares in your own name, either in the form of a stock certificate or in a book form account maintained on your behalf by our stock registrar, Computershare.

If you are a beneficial shareholder with questions about your account, you will need to contact your bank or brokerage firm directly.

If you are a registered shareholder, you will find resources on this page that will enable you to access information about your account and, at the same time perform various transactions.

Online Shareholder Services
Investor CenterTM is an online service provided by our stock registrar and transfer agent, Computershare. By accessing your account through Investor CenterTM, you will be able to:
  • view your share balances, transaction history, and payment history
  • change your address
  • request a replacement dividend check
  • request a duplicate Form 1099
  • arrange for the direct deposit of your dividend checks
  • enroll in our dividend reinvestment and stock purchase plan
  • and much more!
To get started, please click here.

Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan (DRP)
The DRP is a simple, convenient, and economical way to increase your investment in NYCB.

Contact Information
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